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    Cloud Computing Easy!

    NIXPC the ultimate desktop on-line that lets you get on with other business, while staying in touch with your applications, email, documents where ever you are.

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    Thumbs Up!

    Checkout our premium Windows 7 Desktop, running Microsoft Office 2010.

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    It's always sunny...

    ...whether you drive your car, walk in a park or ride your bike! You can stay in touch with work, family and friends with your internet connect smart phone.

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    Nixpc freeing you!

    Check out our selection of desktop plans! One will suit you and perform well and is guaranteed to save money off the electricity bill when changing your desktop to a Net PC.

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    Time to run!

    We offer popular desktops from various Linux providers and Microsoft Windows. Just browse through our dedicated desktop collection.

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    Moving around!

    Welcome our latest collection services. Nothing looks better for you this year. Just visit our online shop to get started!

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    Back to work.

    Consider doing things differently this year, simplify your IT and support costs. Become mobile and give Nixpc a go and we will give you a month free trial!

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    Better you!

    Nixpc and netbooks, NetPcs from us conserves power. For example some NetPcs use just 5 Watts of power compared to Desktop of 150 - 300Watts.  Just visit our online shop to get the latest gadgets!

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Windows 7 with Office 2010

The best-selling Nixpc Microsoft Desktop.


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      Cloud computing with NIXPC simplifies your IT so you can grow and work from anywhere

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